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250mL | 11.5% abv | 100% Ontario VQA


Price shown includes HST and deposit.


A crisp and refreshing, semi-dry white wine blend consisting of mainly Riesling with a hint of Gewurztraminer to balance the acidity nicely. You'll detect notes of green apple and pear. Individual servings make this wine perfect for when you just want one or two glasses vs. opening a whole bottle (or maybe just a bit more once the bottle is done - no judgement!) Convenient for when you're on-the-go. Chill for best results.

Laundry Day White

C$22.40 Regular Price
C$20.40Sale Price
  • 4 cans = 1L of wine (1.33 bottles) 

    8 cans = 2L of wine (2.67 bottles)

    24 cans = 6L of wine (8 bottles)

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